There are no roads to El Apante.

The last dirt road ended three hours back — right before what locals call an incline. For anyone else, a really steep mountain. So, in January 2014, PeaceWorks delegation members dug their feet into the dry, sandy “incline” step-by-step while pushing and pulling each other all the way up to meet the 80 families living in the community of El Apante. Our former PeaceWorks Director (and delegation co-leader) Jim Burchell taught us that the work of people-to-people often starts with a challenging hike.

When the Federation for the Development of Rural Farmers of Nicaragua, FEDICAMP, first invited the delegation to visit El Apante, it was an offer they couldn’t refuse. Jim knew that FEDICAMP had already begun to work with the El Apante families to get running water to the central part of the community and their small school.

FEDICAMP goes to remote communities where others will not – in part because of PeaceWorks’ support. So, it was no surprise when FEDICAMP led 10 of us up to a place where people (mostly kids) would spend an hour or more every day hauling water from a well or stream. An hour that otherwise could be used to tend to crops, study or maybe play a game of baseball.

As we all know, Jim didn’t get a chance to see a water project for this community through to the end, but the very next year we saw people from El Apante while visiting the community development association of San Jose de Cusmapa, the local group that works with them.

This past January we were able to take some funds generously donated by members of the PeaceWorks’ community for this purpose and, soon after, FEDICAMP brought their expertise and materials to help bring potable water to El Apante. The people in the community proudly dug the ditches for tubing and fed the technical team.

Once again, FEDICAMP got the job done. At least 35 families in El Apante have water running directly to their homes, and access for the rest of the community has been greatly increased.

We will always be proud to walk side by side with FEDICAMP, no matter how steep the incline may be – Jim taught us well. In good times and tough times, the work of people-to-people will go on. Thanks for your generous contribution to ensure there’s no stop in the action. Thanks for helping us raise $15,000 to prevent layoffs of FEDICAMP staff.


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