Thank you to everyone who helped pre-pack for our 73rd shipment to Nicaragua

Thanks to 30 volunteers we took a huge step forward getting ready for our shipment day on Saturday May 12th!

Thank you to everyone who came out on April 28th to help us pack. Awesome work. At our Plainfield site, we received a UHaul full of donations from Rockland County, NY (thank you Bill Paolino and crew!)  Out at our storage facility in Stirling another crew packed donations, organized clothes, fixed up bicycles and inventoried about 100 boxes to put on the shipping container on Saturday May 12th.

On Saturday May 12th (2018) from 10am – 5pm we’ll pack our 73rd shipping container full of humanitarian aid. So come volunteer — we need as many hands as possible. Also, bring your material aid donations!  Download the list of items requested by our partners in Nicaragua.  Your effort will be warmly received up here and down there!

Come on out!

Saturday May 12th – 10am – 5pm

United Presbyterian Church, 525 E Front St, Plainfield, NJ


Contact:  Austin Haeberle


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