Highlights from our 2018 Delegation to Nicaragua

On Saturday March 10th, 54 people came out to the Friends Meeting in Chatham for dinner and a conversation with members of January 2018 delegation to Nicaragua.

Download the full delegation report here.

Click here to see photos  from the presentation.

Highlights from the delegation include:

*distributing $87,000 in support to our Nicaraguan partners

*participating in the inauguration of a PeaceWorks-funded water system for 34 homes and 66 students at the school in small community of  El Apante

*releasing a dozen newly-hatched endangered sea turtles into the Pacific Ocean

*delivering badly need batteries for a solar power system for a community that otherwise has no electricity

*visiting the construction site that will soon be Axayacatl’s new center to support women fleeing domestic violence

*touring the new Chispas de Vida physical therapy building at the Mariposa Spanish school in Masaya.

*picking vegetables and fruits at a new farm built by Inhijambia to support their nutrition program for street kids

*celebrating the construction of two new homes for two women (and their children), who as young girls, got off the streets with Inhijambia’s caring support (a third home for a third woman and her children is being built with PeaceWorks support)


Download the delegation report here:

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