Thank you! Our 73rd Humanitarian Aid Shipment is Out to Sea…and on its way to Nicaragua

Thank you to everyone who donated items, time and money to get our 73rd humanitarian aid shipment off to Nicaragua. About 60 volunteers came out on Saturday May 12th to help pack a 40′ shipping container with donations that came from all over New Jersey, as well as Pennsylvania and New York!

By the end of the day we packed 898 boxes and big items that include:

*54 used bikes

*4 desks

*dozens of used chairs

*108 boxes of clothes

*17 fans (it gets hot down there)

*10 filing cabinets

*189 boxes of household items like cooking utensils, etc.

*16 boxes of medical supplies

*4 microwave ovens

*13 boxes of office supplies

*161 boxes of school supplies

*53 boxes of sewing supplies

*82 boxes of sporting goods (lots and lots of baseballs)

*21 boxes of tools

*41 boxes of toys

*and 2 washing machines!!


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