June 9th Dinner Forum with Aynn Setright

On April 18th, 2018 Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega, under pressure from the IMF, announced changes to Nicaragua’s social security system which proposed to raise worker contributions while cutting benefits. Popular response to the change was immediate: university students occupied campuses and lead demonstrations. The government responded with force, shutting down television stations and killing over 30 people.

What exactly happened in Nicaragua? Why did it happen? Can the country return to what was more than 25 years of uninterrupted peace and stability?

Join PeaceWorks on June 9th as we examine  these questions with expert (and long-time Nicaragua resident) Aynn Setright.


Saturday evening, June 9th.  Dinner at 6:30, Program at 7:30

Summit-Chatham Friends Meeting, 158 Southern Blvd, Chatham, NJ.

$10 adults. Kids free.


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