April 13th Dinner Forum with Former Sandinista Comandante Luis Carrión

In the early 1970’s Luis Carrion’s father came home to find that his hunting rifles, and his son, had vanished. In 1979 Luis would emerge as Comandante Carrión, a leader of the socialist revolution that shook the world. 40 years later, Carrión believes the Nicaraguan Revolution is facing its biggest threat yet, from people he knows all too well.

Join us on April 13th for a presentation and Q&A with Comandante Carrión. You will hear about his political awakening — taking up arms alongside Daniel Ortega and other Sandinistas to liberate the Nicaraguan people from a brutal U.S.-backed puppet. He can speak about governing the newly formed Nicaragua Libre in the midst of the barbaric “low intensity conflict” paid for and directed by the United States. But Carrión will also address the current repression that he and tens of thousands of Nicaraguans say has put the Nicaraguan Revolution in jeopardy.

Saturday evening, April 13th.  Dinner at 6:30, Program at 7:30

Summit-Chatham Friends Meeting, 158 Southern Blvd, Chatham, NJ.

$10 adults. Kids free.


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