Postponed: April 18th Dinner Forum with Inhijambia’s Carlos Ernesto Molina

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are postponing our dinner forum and NJ tour with Inhijambia’s Carlos Ernesto Molina. We’ll share new dates as soon as they are available. In the meantime, stay safe!

In the meantime, here’s info on Carlos Ernesto and his work with the Inhijambia program for street kids:

Managua’s sprawling Eastern Market is teeming with colorful, fresh fruits and vegetables, vendors selling hand-made souvenirs as thousands of local Nicaraguans move stall to stall buying daily needs. But in the hustle and bustle of commerce, you will also see the children, some as young as five or six. They may be pushing a cart of wares, but not because it is fun. The baby strapped to a child’s back is not just an expression of love for a newborn, but a job to help a parent make ends meet.

Join us on April 18th at the Friends Meeting in Chatham for a dinner forum with the Inhijambia Program for Street Kids’ Carlos Ernesto Molina.  As part of a 10-day PeaceWorks-sponsored tour of Northern New Jersey, Carlos Ernesto will share stories on hard-fought battles to protect children from exploitation and abuse. But more importantly, the positive stories of transformation of former street children living new lives in beautiful ways.

Carlos Ernesto is now directing many of Inhijambia’s education, advocacy and health programs with Managua’s street kids. He knows a thing or two having grown up with his mother Mirna who founded Inhijambia around two decades ago. Like Mirna, his knowledge, passion and enthusiasm is catchy. No wonder PeaceWorks has worked by Inhijambia’s side since nearly its founding. 


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