When:  Saturday May 30th, 7:30pm

Email us now – we’ll send you the Zoom invitation:

While the rest of the Central America closed borders and initiated stay-at-home guidelines in late March, the Nicaraguan government continued to hold festivals and sporting events. For weeks the government touted only had a handful of cases, claiming that COVID-19 was under control. But then the official reporting went silent while independent and international news sources observed an uptick pneumonia cases, as well as healthcare personnel getting sick. What is going on with COVID-19 in Nicaragua?

Join us on Saturday May 30th EST for a live Zoom with Aynn Setright who has lived and worked in Nicaragua for over 30 years. Aynn’s expertise can help us understand the challenges of the Nicaraguan healthcare system as it takes on COVID-19, especially against the backdrop of a highly polarized Nicaraguan society. Who are players? What are they confronting as they fight this crisis? What can we do to help a healthcare system that may soon be overrun?

Email us now for an invitation to join the May 30th Zoom with Aynn:

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