The PeaceWorks Community Rallies to Raise $25,000 for a New Vehicle for Inhijambia

The headline may be that the PeaceWorks community raised $25,000 in just over four weeks.  But the real news is that the hard work of identifying and building trust with children living in deplorable conditions on the streets of Managua…just got a whole lot easier. It’s true, in four weeks our community came together to raise $25,000 to help Inhijambia purchase a badly needed vehicle. On behalf of the PeaceWorks Board and the staff of Inijambia, we are so very grateful for your solidarity, kindness and generosity.

IMG_6275On April 11th, we launched the online campaign through – our first step into the digital world of crowd-funding. 60 people responded with donations big and small. Many of these donors we met for the first time because our core community shared the campaign and the story of Inhijambia with their Facebook friends. Checks also poured in by mail and on May 13th PeaceWorks Board member Marilyn Devroye received the Summit Medical Group Foundation’s first ever “Above and Beyond Award.” We are so very proud of Marilyn who was honored for her spirit of generosity, kindness and tireless work with PeaceWorks. Without blinking Marilyn passed on the $5000 prize that came with the award to the Inhijambia truck campaign. Kate Hein and Christ Church contributed the remaining amount, completing our $25,000 campaign.

The children at Inhijambia have passed along drawings and letters of appreciation to the donors — can you find yours?

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