Fedicamp: Organic Gardens and Reforestation

PhotoELF Edits:2009:07:12 --- Batch JPG Compressed YUV444 EXIF 25 %The Federation for the Development of Rural People (FEDICAMP) implements a comprehensive plan for the re-greening of watersheds in northern Nicaragua, fighting deforestation, promoting biodiversity, conserving water, and improving family diets.

FEDICAMP believes that the people who are the direct beneficiaries of projects must feel that they are the owners of their efforts. We are part of our own development and it is because of that that we understand the development needs of the community: environmentally, socially, economically, productively, and most importantly for us, human development.

FEDICAMP farmers use plants that are readily available to naturally fortify and protect the soil from degradation, ensuring that the land will continue to provide crops for generations. Participants are poverty stricken men, women and children, who deal with the harsh realities of living in rural Nicaragua. PeaceWorks has funded several family gardening projects that use raised beds to grow vegetables to broaden family diets. Above, A member of the Cusmapa community association John XXIII using a cooking stove in their eco-lodge that uses less wood and removes the caustic smoke from the cooking area — PeaceWorks funds the installation of these ovens as well as larger energy efficient stoves.

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