Help Rural Families Access Clean Water

FEDICAMP,  (Federation of Rural Farmers), has been working for years to help small farmers mitigate the effects of climate change in Northern Nicaragua. When two category four hurricanes hit Nicaragua last November, the impact was devastating. Homes and clinics were washed away and some communities lost most or all of their crops. And in communities without adequate water and sanitation systems, disease is quick to spread, as water sources become increasingly contaminated.

The UN estimates that about one third of Nicaraguans lack access to safe water systems. Over the past year, the PeaceWorks community raised money to help bring potable water to 177 families and 15 schools in the barrio of San Antonio just outside Yalacagüina. In about a month, they’ll turn on the taps.  We’re committed to helping our partners at FEDICAMP in the next phase:  high efficiency latrines which are vital for protecting the water systems and overall community health. 

FEDICAMP is leading the new latrine project with the non-profit Green Empowerment whose founding was inspired by the life of Ben Linder, the water engineer who was assassinated by the Contras back in the 1980’s.  Can you help us raise  5K for this important project?  

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