FEDICAMP has been partnering with PeaceWorks and our friends at Green Empowerment to bring potable water and sanitation projects to homes, schools and clinics in their rural communities. In the tiny community of El Apante, FEDICAMP brought running water and sanitation to 35 homes, including 66 students. In the San Antonio barrio in the town of Yalaguina, they turned on the taps and built latrines for 277 families and 16 schools. Just this month, FEDICAMP will wrap up yet another water and latrine project in the community of El Mojon — we’re sending down $7000 to help them get that job done. 

Hold on though. There’s another FEDICAMP project on the way. Can you help us raise $11,200 to bring safe drinking water to 250 people in the small village of El Pegador?

FEDICAMP is poised to break ground on a new gravity-based potable water system for 250 people living in 55 homes (+2 churches, a school and health center) in El Pegador, a community in the town of Las Sabanas in the northern Nicaraguan Department of Madriz. Ironically, El Pegador is already known for water – it boasts a beautiful pond visited by tourists. Yet its current water delivery system is inoperable. This new FEDICAMP project at El Pegador will cost $60,000 with funding coming from our friends at Green Empowerment, the local Las Sabanas municipality, as well as $2800 from the people living in El Pegador themselves. The community will also supply the muscle when FEDICAMP experts and engineers do the prep and installation. 

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Here are just a few shots from FEDICAMPS recent project in El Apante.

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