Jim Burchell “People to People” Campaign

A few projects that need your support!

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Jim Burchell

Jim Burchell was the founder and driving force behind PeaceWorks, which has supported partner organizations in Nicaragua for over 25 years. His sudden death on March 24th, 2014 stunned and grieved the Peaceworks community. But in Jim’s tenacious spirit, nobody gave up and PeaceWorks is stronger than ever.

The political unrest and violence that erupted this spring in Nicaragua has worsened the situation for the country’s most vulnerable communities. Our Nicaraguan partners immediately felt the impact of the weakened economy. They have had to scale back, but have kept working harder than ever to provide vital services with few resources. So, in the name of Jim Burchell who also never stopped when things got tough and never let our partners down, let’s help them build momentum, get back up to speed and get programming fully going again

Here are a few ways you can help:

Scholarships for Inhijambia Program for Street Children  — 10 University Scholarships: Cost: $2000/student. Our goal:$20,000


Water for 100 Rural Families: FEDICAMP Rural Farm

Project  — Potable water to 100 rural families. Our goal: $52,000.

100 Pigs and Goats: Axayacatl Women’s Project — 100 pregnant pigs. Cost: $150/pig Our goal: $15,000 *100 goats. Cost: $50 Our goal: $5,000

Start-Up Grants for Working Street Kids and Women Escaping Domestic Violence: Inhijambia Program for Street Kids & Axayacatl Women’s Project  — 100 small business grants. Cost: $200/person. Our goal $20,000

Return 1000 Baby Turtles to the Sea Palo de Oro Sea Turtle Sanctuary — 1000 baby turtles. Cost: $3/egg. Our goal: $3000