Featured Nica Partner: Inhijambia

Inhijambia works with Managua’s street children, providing educational programming, job training and basic supplies. It is one of the only local organizations that provides housing and counseling services for girls vulnerable to prostitution and drug use.

This spring, the Jim Burchell ¡Presente! Fund helped the Injihambia Association build a dormitory for 20 girls and young women – a safe place to live and grow. The following letter is from Mirna Sanchez, Inhijambia Executive Director.

My dear friends at PeaceWorks,

The Inhijambia Association’s Center for Protection provides care to young people in vulnerable situations, endangered by physical abuse and sexual exploitation. There are especially alarming numbers of young girls working in local markets that need guidance and education so that they may one day lead more dignified lives.

As part of our mission, in order to create safe living conditions for these girls, the Inhijambia Association needs housing for the youth in our program. Thanks to PeaceWorks, in the memory of our good friend Jim Burchell, we have been able to build two permanent dormitories that now accommodate the girls under our care.

The construction of the bedrooms is just about finished and soon we will be able to have space for 12 more girls, eventually bringing our total capacity to 20. We will still need to find resources to purchase enough beds and dressers for all of the girls, as well as find funding for their continued care.

But the girls are already excited because with more space, they can feel safe as they get ready for bed in a nice clean room. They have a place to keep their personal things which brings joy to their hearts and helps build self-esteem. And there is now room for an office where staff can offer psychological services to provide for the girls who need extra support.


Mirna Sánchez Garcia

Visit Inhijambia’s website here.

And check out this slideshow by photographer Steve Latimer who visited Inhijambia with the 2014 PeaceWorks Delegation.


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