Over $16,000 raised – help us get Inhijambia a new vehicle

We couldn’t thank you enough! So far, our online campaign to get the Inhijambia Program for Street Kids a new vehicle has brought in $4,630 PLUS $7000 by mail, PLUS… PeaceWorks Board member Marilyn Devroye shared a well-deserved $5000 prize she received from the Summit Medical Group Foundation’s first annual Above and Beyond award.  We have only four more weeks to go –  can you help us get the Inhijambia Program for Street Kids a desperately needed vehicle?  The SUV has died and they need an upgrade, fast.   Here’s how you can help:

  1. Go to the campgaign website  https://igg.me/at/dkav5LZ499g
  2. Make a donation
  3. SHARE the campaign website by email and FaceBook

Please consider reaching out directly to people you know with a personal message, like:


How could you turn her down? Click on the photo to help Inhijambia get a new vehicle.

Over the years I’ve been working with PeaceWorks to raise money for projects that support women and children in Nicaragua. One project, the Inhijambia Program for Street Kids, provides all kinds of support for children living and working in the markets and bus terminals around Managua. They do great work, but their SUV died and they desperately need an upgrade. Would you mind taking a look at PeaceWorks’ campaign to help them buy a new vehicle?”

Thank you!

The PeaceWorks Board

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