PeaceWorks 25th Solidarity Roast!

Not every community of people gets to come together every summer to enjoy great food, music and friendship as the foundation to build peace and stand in solidarity with the people of Central America.  PeaceWorks has been doing it for 25 years!

Thank you very much to all that came out on July 9th to celebrate 25 years of building peace and solidarity with people up here…and down there.  About 75 of us came out in spite of threatening weather – which magnificently held out as we thoroughly enjoyed some of the finest of NJ BBQ.

A huge thanks to Newly and Don Preziosi (and grilling comrade Frank Cincotta) for feeding us so very, very well.  Special thanks to Guy and Brian Boyle for perfectly cooked pork shoulder in the caja china.  Maggie Joralem0n came through with an amazing young talent, Alejandro Atuacusi who serenaded us with sweet classics.  And thanks to everyone who brought a gorgeous salads and sides…beautiful work, guys.

We’re just warming up.  This year will be filled with all kinds of events to celebrate 25 years of PeaceWorks history!  See you at our September 10th dinner forum.

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