Nearly all species of sea turtles are endangered, some approaching extinction. Habitat loss, poaching and fishing nets have decimated sea turtle populations in Nicaragua and around the world. Unless we intervene quickly, there is no guarantee that these magnificent creatures will survive.

Click here to help us  raise $3000 so that our partners at the Palo de Oro Sea Turtle Sanctuary on Nicaragua’s Juan Venado Island can continue to protect local sea turtle populations, while providing income for local Nicaraguan families.

The six month nesting season started in August and the sea turtles have have already begun to lay their eggs on the shores of Juan Venado Island.  But because of extreme poverty in Nicaragua, people hunt and sell turtles and their eggs as a source of badly needed income.

The funding we’ll raise will pay for the monitoring and documentation of collected eggs, as well as the patrolling of beaches at night when sea turtles, like Olive Ridley’s and Leatherbacks, lay their eggs. 


Visit our campaign page here to help us raise $3000. Please share the campaign page and video by email and Facebook with friends and family.


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