What Happened to Latin America? November 11th Dinner Forum with Human Rights Watch’s Daniel Wilkinson

For decades our collective psyche imagined communism’s inevitable march up through Latin America and across the Rio Grande. Sadly, the legitimate concerns and democratic wishes of the people of Latin America were secondary to our Cold War fears – with horrific human rights consequences. And then the Berlin Wall fell.
So, whatever happened to Latin America?
It’s been nearly three decades since our last old school invasion — what is U.S. policy in Latin America like now? From a human rights perspective, what are the main challenges for 650 million people living south of our border?
Human Right’s Managing Director for Latin America Daniel Wilkinson will share specific cases to give us insight into the big picture politics and social movements shaping Latin America today. So, come hungry for thoughtful conversation and a hearty meal.
Saturday November 11th, 2017
Dinner at 6:30. Program at 7:30. $10 adults. Kids free.
Summit-Chatham Friends Meeting, 158 Southern Blvd., Chatham, NJ.

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