April 25th in Summit, NJ: Nicaragua in Recovery…What’s Next in 2019?

A Volunteer from the CDCA

Sarah Junkin Woodard returns to Christ Church in Summit from the Center for Development in Central America (CDCA), a Nicaraguan-based, faith-based organization. Working in Nicaragua for 25 years, the CDCA continues to adapt, seeking to respond to human needs created by natural disasters and poverty in the second poorest nation in the western hemisphere. Even as Nicaragua seeks to recover from its 2018 political crisis, the CDCA is focusing on helping communities maintain stability and as much normalcy as possible. Long-term goals remain focused on alleviating poverty, helping communities become self-sufficient, sustainable, democratic entities, using integrated appropriate technology in all projects, specifically in the areas of sustainable economic development, organic agriculture, education and health care.

Sarah says, “The CDCA has been called to work with, and speak on behalf of, the poor in our area of Nicaragua, to share their lives and stories with folk in the U.S., bridging the gap between us to better understand the global and environmental connections between our communities.”

Tax-deductible donations and pledges are encouraged. Proceeds from fair trade crafts also go to the operating expenses of the project.
For More Information: Caroline Dean cdean@christchurchsummit.org

Thursday, 25 April, 6:30pm
Christ Church
561 Springfield Ave., Summit NJ

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