Help Us Turn on the Taps in Yalagüina: A PeaceWorks Project

Located about four hours north of Nicaragua’s capital city Managua, just off the Pan American Highway, Yalagüina is home to about 10,000 people. The town is quickly growing and has had difficulty delivering adequate services to its population. PeaceWorks’ partner FEDICAMP, the Federation for the Development of Rural Farmers, has designed a way to deliver a reliable supply of safe drinking water to over 174 families, a school with 77 students, and 14 other schools in the region.

We want to immediately raise $30,000 to get the water flowing in Yalagüina.

Nicaragua has one of the largest reserves of fresh water in Central America.  But this year the Nicaraguan people are experiencing a water crisis, again.  They are in the midst of a long drought which, ironically, has been interrupted by brief, heavy downpours that have washed away soils and destroyed crops.

For the people of Nicaragua’s “Dry Corridor,” this is the new normal.

Gone are the days when a dry season was reliably followed by a rainy season – the new normal is unpredictable. But with a little education, muscle and financial support, people can adapt to the change. We know this can be done because PeaceWorks has already helped make potable water possible for several Nicaraguan communities. This time, we want to turn the taps on in the community of San Antonio, Yalagüina.

Doña María López walks 700 meters each way, 3x a day to fetch water with her plastic container.

FEDICAMP has already been working with leaders in Yalagüina’s San Antonio neighborhood to develop critical technical, political and managerial skills to get the project off the ground and keep it going for years to come. The community will not just be left with drinking water, but will also have the skills to be effective owners and managers of a water system that requires a sustained financial commitment by local families. If something goes wrong with the water system in the future, the community will be able to fix it.

FEDICAMP has also been working with engineers and the local and national government for permits to cover all of the specific engineering, health and environmental requirements. The final step to make the project a reality is for the PeaceWorks community to come together again to make the up-front technical and material costs less burdensome. We hope we can count on you to make this critical project a reality!

Please consider making an immediate donation to turn on the taps in Yalagüina!  Hit the donate button up in upper right corner to mail your donation to:  


c/o Denis Johnston, 1125 WOOLLEY AVE., UNION, NJ 07083

Here’s how you can help!

_______ $25 I’m in!

________ $50 I’m in big!

________ $100 I’ll match the Yalagüina family…and raise them $25

________ $350 to build a single latrine for a school

________ $500 because Doña María López (pictured above) shouldn’t have to walk 700 meters to fetch water 3x a day

________  $1000 to build three modern latrines and a washing station for a school

________ $15,000 to turn on the taps at all 15 schools

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