September 14th Dinner Forum with Ravi Ragbir and Amy Gottlieb

What would you do if your family member was in danger of deportation?
These days the news is full of immigration sweeps and detention horror stories. ICE systematically separates children from their parents. In spite of court orders, this policy of separation continues. ICE raids workplaces and conducts mass deportations of immigrants doing some the hardest, most unwanted jobs.
People who have been living in the U.S. for many years are vulnerable to deportation. This is happening both nationwide and close to home.
Join us on Saturday September 14th for a special dinner forum with Ravi Ragbir and Amy Gottlieb to learn about their fight to stop Ravi’s deportation and their struggle to remain together as husband and wife in the US.
After a series of ICE-imposed self “check-ins” Ravi has narrowly escaped deportation. With the help of activists in NYC and around the country, Ravi and Amy’s struggle has called attention to the absurdity of ICE policies, while giving vulnerable immigrants a voice to help overcome their fears. Amy is the former director of AFSC’s Immigrant Rights Program in Newark and now works as Associate Regional Director for AFSC’s Northeast Region.  Ravi’s work with the New Sanctuary Coalition in NYC provides accompaniment to other immigrants when they must do their ICE check-ins.
Like tens of thousands of immigrants living in fear, Ravi is in the fight for his life not knowing how things will turn out.
Saturday evening, September 14th.  Dinner at 6:30, Program at 7:30
Summit-Chatham Friends Meeting, 158 Southern Blvd, Chatham, NJ.
$10 adults. Kids free.
Amy and Ravi

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