Off the page and into the sky: Water Project Update

The following is a quick update to FEICAMP’s Redes de Esperanza potable water project: the water tank is up!

Our partner FEDICAMP is working to install a new water system for 288 people in 70 homes in the community of Redes de Esperanza in the heart of Nicaragua’s northern Segovia  mountains. The project will lighten the load of women and children who hand-carry well water home while mitigating the worst effects of climate change where drought and deluge have upended traditional weather patterns.

To get water flowing direct to their homes, each family will contribute $70, provide physical labor to install the system and participate in FEDICAMP’s technical training to sustain the project for years to come. But the hard costs of materials and engineering still need to be covered. PeaceWorks kicked in an initial $10K.  A generous $4000 donation just came in. We need another $11K to fulfill our part of a $90K budget.  Can you help?

EDICAMP has begun working with local authorities and residents, looking at water quality and land ownership, and getting permits. They’re laying the groundwork for long-term success through local organizing and capacity-building of a local water management committee. The hydro-engineers have done the surveys, mapped the routes and devised a technical plan. The community will dig trenches, carry tanks, run the pipes, and install pumps. Local people will know their water project inside and out. But they need our help.

For the people of Redes de Esperanza, the new system is more than lightening the load. They’ve experienced how drought and deluge have intensified in recent years. Living in this community founded in the aftermath of hurricane Mitch in 1998, they know what it means to be vulnerable to climate change. 

Can you help us raise an additional $11,000 to fulfill our part? This is the type of people-to-people project that can transform how people work and live in the community that they love.  Click the donate button above, right to make a contribution.

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