Peggy Waldman, ¡Presente!

PeaceWorks is very saddened by the passing of our good friend Peggy Waldman. The following was written by Brooks Smith:

Peg Waldman was a long time and devoted member of the Peaceworks community.  She helped pack at almost every mutual aid shipment.  Besides traveling to Nicaragua on PeaceWorks delegations, she monitored elections in El Salvador and visited Cuba.  

I first met Peg at a peace group in Basking Ridge.  She brought her grandson Tony along on a delegation that included Will and Lorna Henkel where we began building a treatment center for alcoholics in San Marcos.  She was always a hopeful spirit.

Once, our delegation arrived on the day of the annual reenactment of the strategic retreat from Managua to Masaya during the last days of the effort to overthrow Somoza.  Peg was thrilled to have her picture taken with Daniel Ortega (so much was different then).

Together we went to NYC to demonstrate against the Gulf War during the George Bush era.  I remember her asking me frequently about going to the next demonstration in DC or Boston.  She was passionate, intrepid and put herself out there in the causes of peace and justice.

Funeral for Peg Waldman will be on January 25th at 11am at the Bound Brook Presbyterian Church, 409 Mountain Ave., Bound Brook, NJ 08805

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